New Abscondo album out now

About the band

Abscondo is an alternative band fronted by Seattle singer-songwriter, Mark Manney. Abscondo's indie electropop debut album explores themes of love, beauty, and life-meaning.  

To abscond is to run away, taking something or someone with you. Mark Manney's songwriting comes from the perspective of a man who has turned his back on a corporate job to travel and live in Europe. Abscondo songs were written on the beaches of Greece, Croatia, and France. A few more were written on a pawn-shop guitar during a month in Barcelona.  Lyrics were conceived on a park bench in Paris; others on a train outside of London.  In Europe, Mark has found the time, cultural isolation, and freedom to discover his voice as a songwriter.    

While Abscondo started as a solo recording project, Mark recognized his own musical limitations.  So on New Years’ Day 2012, the decision was made to start a band. After a short conversation over a beer, the young guitarist and electronic musician, Filip Kluknavsky, joined the band.  Months later, Martin Lechman joined on drums and Tibor Dragon on bass.

The band released their debut album Victory in a Landlocked Sea in 2015. In 2016, the band took a break as Mark released a solo acoustic Abscondo album called Forbidden Curiosities.  


Mark Manney - Songwriter, Vocals, Guitar

Mark Manney is an American entrepreneur, musician, and writer with the ambitious mission to build the alternate economy that sets us free from corporations. In 2005, Mark escaped from a corporate job in Seattle to travel the world, start an international sales agency, and make music. Mark currently calls Slovakia home and he has lived abroad for the past 10 years with his wife and 5-year-old daughter.

Filip Kluknavský - Lead Guitar

Filip Kluknavský is a professional guitarist and electronic musician who has performed at major festivals throughout Europe. Filip is the eccentric creative force behind the Abscondo sound.  His carefree demeanor conceals a mad, creative genius.  

When he isn’t in the jam room or in the clubs, Filip is drawn to the outdoors.  He’ll gather some wood, start a fire, and tell anyone who cares to listen just how nature can save us from ourselves.


Martin Lechman - Percussion

As brilliant on drums as he is on guitar and vocal, Martin Lechman is also a lawyer and a music teacher. 

Martin is known around Slovakia not only as the Abscondo drummer, but he is also the frontman of a Slovak-language band called Kvety v Podpazi.  How he is able to perform at highest level on drums, guitar, and vocal is a testament to his talent, love of music, and strong work ethic.

Tibor Dragon - Bass Guitar

 Tibor Dragon is a classically-trained guitarist and Jazz musician.  He has played several international Jazz festivals and has also performed at premier venues with his former Rock band.  Tibor is a Chemical Engineer.

The technical genius behind the Abscondo sound, Tibor's deep knowledge spans musical genres.  With a solid understanding of music theory, his style is unique on bass.  He understands when to add quiet accents and when to rock.  The duo of Tibor on bass and Martin on drums make a solid unit.  The two have performed together since their youth.